My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic, which I inherited at the age of 12, and the world of photography has captivated me ever since. I feel so lucky that I find almost everything visually interesting, and the beauty that surrounds us is a perpetual inspiration - colour and light a constant obsession. 
I try to capture and translate this into my photographs, striving to push my work to new heights. I'd like to think that my images will not only satisfy a client's brief, but also enhance their initial vision. By drawring on my experience, love of art and the visual and creative worlds, my aim is to produce harmonious results of the highest calibre.
My focus is on advertising, products and food photography in particular, as well as interiors and portraits too, shooting here in the UK but also abroad. 
I'd like to think that whatever I photograph I try to be creative, interesting, but always seeking beauty and truth in my subject. Please do get in touch!

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